Thursday, February 3

A Mirror of Crack (Part Two)

Being the Continuing Story of Bungalow Pete Doherty . . .

There's more, and there'll be yet more to come . . . and with this newly-announced "crackdown" on social, dinner party Coke-taking (madness; unworkable; an unnecessary political own goal) there is one OBVIOUS poster boy just waiting to be strung up, pour encourager les autres.

What goes around comes around. I'm not going to reiterate old Rees-Mogg's Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel? line, as such presumptions of deluded innocence are long gone, long gone from our world; but I will use Keith Richards' immortal line to the judge back in 1967:

"We have no time for your petty morals."

I say this. Fuck the law of the land: the police have no moral right to interfere with what I ingest in the privacy of my own or anybody else's home. And this government should know that should they back this gross mistake, they're gonna get a whole lot of grief, and lose a whole lot of votes - for there's little that people hate more than being nannied about what they can and cannot do when their actions have no direct effect on anybody else.

How odd it is to see the police approaching society using Chaos Theory.

"Citizen of the world" is an attractive outlook to have, but the reality is that it's impossible to live by taking account of the possible or even the likely consequences of your actions on the other side of the world. Being loud or disruptive when your 85 year-old neighbour is dying of cancer and needs quiet - that's a direct effect people have to allow for, and curtail - somewhat - their desired behaviour; the 9 year-old being kidnapped in a drug war in Colombia is not directly related to my doing lines as fast as Princess Margaret used to along my dining-room table. That's a fact - jacked.

It's sad, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

For the do-gooders, the mean-wellers out there, the means of stopping - to a large extent - the Cocaine turf wars (the bodybags, and the misery) in Central America is to LEGALISE DRUGS - ALL OF THEM.


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