Tuesday, January 11

How Sweet to Be an Idiot

That'll be yer Terry Jones - ersatz comedian, who to my knowledge hasn't written a joke for twenty-five years. (Then again, I suppose you can have a laugh at him attempting to be earnest every other week or so in the media.)

Also present today is the Crown Prince Oleaginous himself, George Monbiot. Just look at that face! Well, today he pins some valid points re the successful economic model of Sweden. The only problem is, never having been to Sweden, the only Swedes I ever meet in London have felt the need to get the fuck out from there to escape the blandness of it all.

The thing is, a state of profound Inequality is interesting, exciting, possibly a little dangerous. And resultiungly, culture flourishes.

Now, aside from the blip factor of Ikea, what part does Swedish culture play in your life nowadays?

Such arguments as those put forward by Monbiot bleed themselves into the quest for paradises - environmental, social, political - all of which are preposterous notions, completely alien to human nature, and tend to be a scourge whenever and wherever there is an attempt to apply them.

Hah! We're back to four-eyed John's Imagine. Yeah. Imagine peace on earth. Nothing but tranquility, agreement, passivity. Yeah. Completely fucking unbearable. I don't like quiet!

So, paradoxically, we need such bullshit arguments to exist in order to keep things spicy; and naturally, there's a distant point where spicy becomes Fascism.

But British history is the story of people successfully agitating one another between those extremes of blandness and terror. I think that shall always be the story: it's our default DNA now. It's in the water.


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