Wednesday, January 12

The Great Unwatchables

There's no link this time.

Blame it on the booze.

Getting pissed tonight with my brother, we fell into a general argument over movies, and who was responsible for making whom watch what. (Fucking hell, that reads like some of Dylan Thomas' pissy alliteration.)

Well, my dears, the bottled god's gone flat.

Anyway, we had a free and frank over certain movies, and top of the pile of the overrated came 2001: A Space Odyssey (his choice) and Raging Bull (mine).

I agree with him: unless you're fried, 2001 . . . is pretty tedious, as soon as the chimps are gone ( man, I love those surly chimps!); unfortunately he thinks the dull thud of . . . Bull is up there with Taxi Driver as Scorsese's lasting legacies. I say yarbles: Taxi . . . yes, along with Mean Streets and Goodfellas.

Well, brothers never agree (fact jacked, yes?) , so we parted for our respective wank chambers on my girly point re: last year's Greatest Britons, and how shocking it was that Alfred Hitchcock - the greatest, and, at the same time, commercially succesful director of the 20th century - was nowhere on the list: I'd argue that, along with Shakespeare, he's the only Brit who is undisputed #1 in their field.

(Of course, in a metaphorical 100m Olympic showdown of artistic talents, in the race of mankind's greatest playwrights, the likes of Chekhov and Ibsen refrain from wasting their time in running; and, as the field widens through the heats, taking in the best of all the other arts, Shakey maintains the red-hot favourite's lane four as we line up the Greatest Artists of All Time: in my book, he's giving pre-race verbals to an effete, horny Italian and a pair of recalcitrant Germans - yes, the fancied Austrian threw a tantrum and was disqualified in a previous musical heat (while the frankly bewildering Irishman insisted on starting the race from the finish line, and that each contestant should then run backwards).

All told, in my poll Shakey strolls home as Greates Briton; followed by a Winston, but not that Winston - oh no; I'm talking John Winston Lennon, but more specifically I'm talking about his group: the Beatles. In Britain, unlike America, it's simple: there was life before, and then there's the life we lead now, after the impact of the Beatles.

But above the social, cultural and political dimensions they infused, there's the simple, unignorable fact that they are, so far, the greatest popular music act there has ever been. Indeed, in what I would argue is a dying medium, I doubt that they shall ever be matched, let alone bettered.

Yes: happiness is a warm gun. Bang bang!

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