Friday, January 7

The Curse of John Lennon

Unaccustomed and uncomfortable as I am in nodding continuous asssent to a Daily Telegraph editorial, I agree totally with this dismissal of the Blair-Brown 'Marshall Plan'.

It's the Curse of John Lennon. Or, more precisely, the curse of pure yarbles that is the lyric to Imagine, a song that, aside from the almost as execrable She's Leaving Home, stands alone on the podium of pompous old twittery in the Beatles' collective canon.

As the legendary Kent Brockman would put it: "Wake up people! It's never gonna happen."

And I thought TB knew better. GB? Well, he's just gone fatherhood soft. It happens. Still, they could diddle a kid for charity and get reelected, and I'm orff anyway, soon enough, so . . .

My, it is an unusual day, for I also agree with Simon Jenkins, who's spent most of the past two years as an anti-war urchin. But the trade, not aid argument is the best, and the only viable, long-term solution to all this bullshit enveloping us.

I hope everyone's enjoying the sight of the Indonesian and Sri Lankan forces going about their essential business: ie stamping down fucking hard on indigenous insurrectionists - even if such troublemakers be, temporarily, woefully indigent.

It's pure Apocalypse Now out there; continuous News Gravy. And what's more, let me tell you that you won't believe what you can order from room service at the ***** Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort . . . Indeed, there is a wicked whisper going round that intrepid reporter Jeremy "hairshirt" Bowen (see previous entry) discovered the other night just what it's like to snort gak off a young girl's pert tits. True to type, Dry Martini is his tipple of choice.

Incidentally, some fools would (and no doubt will) loudly sneer at Jude Law for palming £20K on a ring for the lush Sienna Miller, but I'm all for that - especially right now. It's my argument contra the tsunami appeals - EXACTLY. In its purest form. Besides, imagine snorting gak off her taut satsumas. Can you put a price on that?

Hey Jude! Get in there! (But isn't it about time you made a great film with a talented director? Never mind the surgeon's scalpel; the clock's always ticking . . .)

As for Sienna? Judging by what happened to Sadie Frost, she's facing imminent pasture, and a bumpy tumble down the talent ladder. But what the hell: judging by the likes of Renée Zellwegger, pursuing a 'star vehicle' career only turns you into a slit-eyed mongoloid with a not all there stare. And it's not like they're gonna stay together forever now, is it?


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