Tuesday, December 21

Simply Following the Herd

So, after all, everyone's in my tree. High or low.

The link piece in the Times about the world's favourite sites and stories sees me ticking the same boxes as just about everybody else out there: Boing Boing as a top site; the death of Sir John Peel as top story and the Hitch's annihilation of Fahrenheit 911 as top article.

Other sites mentioned include several US political pundit ones - but as I look down afar on American politics as a freak dumb show (from Wacky Races to the Wizard of Oz - pick an unreal landscape and it all fits, I promise you. Yeah, as if you didn't know that already) I pay little heed to their haggles over the minutiae of what so and so really said, did, or who they wanked over.*

Blah blah.

Must be brief - after all, it's drinking hours - so just to pass on that Pete Doherty** is on this evening's Newsnight. Which reminds me that I've yet to post my blatherings on the good and evil of 2004. Laters . . . a little laters.

* By the way, the answer is YOU!

** And for those thousands of perpetually pissed-off Babyshambles fans, awaiting another no-show, here's a tip: Don't Go Along.

Plan A must be to get the Libertines back together. And giving him more crack money is NOT gonna get that done, my friends. As it is, the royalties from the second album will probably kill him, which is why I chanted "download it, download it - ILLEGALLY!" prior to its release.

Please. For the greater good, for the greater good . . .

I've been privileged to see how extraordinary the Libertines can be on stage; I want to feel that euphoria again. And boy, is their second album chockablock with songs crying out to be sung along to; the atmosphere would be akin to that of a Smiths gig in 1986 - and you can't get better than that round here.


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