Friday, December 3

"I'll Suck for Crack"

Well . . .

I've been ill, and I'm still ill. But fabulous.

Just doing this small neat one to say a BOAT DRINKS bye bye to Sarah's So Boring blah blah, as I've only just conned to the fact that her music taste is retarded - in the English sense, my dear.

No matter. She's still squiring loads of emo-mulled minds.

Hmmm. Good Charlotte? I think not. Life really is too short. You know how it is: "On a river the colour of lead, immerse the baby's head . . . " Well, they're not there, are they? - or even in the vicinity. They're musical peasants.

So I am struggling through - with series two of Peep Show (hence the header!): if you're not watching - and rewatching - then you don't belong on my planet and you have clearly come here by mistake. So fuck off!

Otherwise I have resorted to whisky to cure my ills (I should always have obeyed Frank Sinatra, who insisted that whisky cures everything) and a lot of wanking . . . about.

I've watched Fargo, yaaaaaah. And the Seinfeld DVD - "My whole life is a lie!"

And I'm threshing my sad loins to the new Kings of Leon (oh my sore arse it shakes so, unto oblivion); the Libertines - of course; some Ryan Adams, the late Elliott Smith's last record (unfinished; disappointing), Vetiver, and Devendra B - the hirsute epitome of Californian cool. And some Donovan. Atlantis! Respect, baby.

Still, be warned: "If you come round this ledge, you'll wish you'd never been born."


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