Sunday, December 12

Bob Geldof: File Under Cunt

Nah - no link; the Irish cunt doesn't merit one.

Pissed as I am in the dying of the night, hearing that maggot exhorting proles to buy Band Aid 20 again (on TotP2 or whatever the fuck it's called*) is too much. Too fucking much, my friends.

Hey, wankface: some things have changed out there. They don't want "Xmas" - they're turning muslim, and fundamentalist shits to boot; they don't want rice - those cunts want guns.

(By the by, any janjaweed that gets anywhere near that Travis arsehole will get sponsorship from me for LIFE if he takes him out. Hey: as terrible a deal as it sounds, it's one less ignorant fuckwit celeb to deal with.)

As all should know by now, I fucking hate religion of any stripe, BUT there's a small bigoted part of me that feels the Aids epidemic and other crises in sub-Saharan Africa are acts of the little man; likewise the forthcoming (okay, give it a decade) catastrophes in old Russia.

So Let It Be, Let It Be!

I'm only riling ya: what's needed is another imperial invasion - this time with some morals. Now that is riling ya!

It's always worth repeating that at the time of the original Band Aid classic, wailing above the heads of those fly-infested faces (aka 'News Gravy') were a phalanx of million pound fighter jets doing a spot of home decorating for the Ethiopian government. O yes, o yes: a fact fucking jacked higher than Midge Ure's 1980s hairline. And a fact deliberately avoided by Michael Buerck of the 'dispassionate', 'impartial' BBC - and as I've said before on this site, Buerck must be the most aptly named reporter of all time.

So: they can call that (wrongly), but not call fundamentalist muslims a bunch of cunts.

Well I can. And I shall continue to do so, until they're evaporated.

Switching attack, in surmising that 600,000 sales = £600K raised, that could have been done by inching 10K from the ripe accounts of each of the sorry participants - and the rest of us would have been spared all ways round. Yes, it's a glib point; but you shut me down on it. (And hey: imagine what could be raised if they all forswore off the gak for a month.)

Don't forget this now. Because he'll be back (in 2014, appealing to us to help relieve the mess he's multiplying this time). Don't forget:

Bob Geldof? File Under Cunt.

* Also on the moribund show, an outing for Pete Doherty and Babyshambles . . . shambolic, what else? of course, but compared to the rest of the filth on offer, quite simply spellbounding. It's called Star Quality, and it cannot be manufactured. Given that this (Saturday) night's TV has seen a pathetic "find a star" duopoly of misery (I avoided both, watching Magnolia one more time) Doherty remains the genuine hypnotic article, even with badly dyed hair!

Babyshambles were like an under-rehearsed Smiths - and, it must be said, his/their Killamangiro has considerably more spunk than Moz's latest offering, I Have Forgiven Jesus. Dido beats are Dido beats are Dido beats, people.

Why is pop music so shit right now? Discuss.

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Blogger Northun Munki in Oxford Circus said...

I totally agree - there's nothing more annoying than a bunch of fresh faced manufactured (or otherwise) pop starlet millionaires pretending that by re-recording some utter shite 'without getting the royalites' that they are doing their bit for charity. Bunch of two-faced c**ts.

20 December 2004 at 20:54  
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