Monday, November 22

Viz Jiz Material

Because I am still shattered from the weekend, refusing to re-enter the so-called normal world, this bunch of shit from Viz that was emailed to me shall have to suffice for now.

Normal yarbles resumed on Tuesday - or mebbes Wednesday.

Until then pray for me as my body is a sad shack: my dogs are pupped; my heart feels like it's drilling for acid; and my stomach is mincing at the prospect of any liquid bar water and any solid outside the usual contents of a Kebab.

Still, I have my DVD pantheon to console my teary eyes (Peep Show, Family Guy, Big Train and Seinfeld) as well as the ongoing series of Peep Show itself.

Like Super Hans, my world is most definitely not Blue Peter.

And you can stroke your mind to these:

I have recently started to masturbate whilst fantasising about Jeanette Krankie. My problem is that I cannot work out whether I am gay, straight or a nonce. What do your readers think?
- D Barclay

Could the Home Secretary explain to me how biometric checks on iris patterns and fingerprints are going to help keep tabs on Muslim cleric Abu Hamsa.
- Les Barnsley, Barnsley

'One pound a week will supply water for an entire village in Tanzania', says Oxfam. So how come United utilities charge me twenty pounds a month for my three bedroom semi? The fleecing bastards.
- Tracey Cusick, Cumbria

They say "you can't judge a book by its cover". What nonsense. The last edition of High School Anal that I bought featured a young lady stuffing a big one up her bomb-bay on the front page, and this turned out to be an excellent indication of the contents.
- Mark Roberts

According to Nietzsche, 'That which does not kill me makes me stronger'. I'm sure my granddad would not agree. He suffered a series of massive strokes in the early '90s which have left him an incontinent vegetable for the past 12 years.
- A Thorne, Sandbach

It's uncanny how some of these old sayings are true. 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder', said my wife as she waved goodbye to me on the way to spend a month with her mother. Since then I have grown quite fond of my next door neighbour. I actually gave her one on the living room carpet this morning.
- Christopher Hampshire, Bristol

I am becoming sick and tired with the media's politically correct obsession with gay sex. It's getting so that I can't turn on the Fantasy Channel without seeing two naked homosexual women indulging in these sordid practices. I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription.
- T Cutt, Surrey

I see on the news that Lord Hutton says he is "satisfied that David Kelly took his own life". He may not have liked Dr Kelly that much, but isn't this taking gloating just a little too far?
- Dave Owen, Edinburgh

This Value Added Tax is a rip-off. I was expecting a great deal on a car the other day, and I ended up having to pay an extra 17.5% for it. There is no way that's added value. If anything, I'm about three grand out of pocket.
- Jon Cooke, Leicester

The recent suicide of Harold Shipman has thrown up some interesting questions. For a start, does Shipman killing himself take his official tally up to 216, or does it count as an own goal? Where does this final score place our national champ in the world league table?
- Magnus, Sheffield

After suffering a head-on car crash in Northumbria recently, who should I see rubber-necking slowly past the wreckage but haughty TV chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright in her Volvo. Did she stop to offer assistance? Did she bollocks. When she inevitably croaks from heart disease, I fully intend to dance on her grave.
- G Bryant, Sheffield

I was shocked to hear Home Secretary David Blunkett say that Britain's prison population has been ballooning for the past ten years. My God, has the world gone mad? Those people are there to be punished, not to be given 'thrill of a lifetime' experiences that most law abiding citizens can only dream of.
- Mrs Close, Headingley

The government says that there are nearly 50,000 people with HIV in Britain, a third of whom do not even know that they have it. Is it just me, or is it a bit harsh that the government know and haven't told the poor sods?
- John Campbell, E-mail

I drank three litres of white cider, a bottle of red wine and then a couple of cans on Friday night. Despite this, I had the shattest Saturday of my life. Can any of your readers explain why, because I am at a loss.
- Patrick Bateman, E-mail

Never mind ventriloquists like Keith Harris and Roger DeCourcey. What about Professor Stephen Hawking? I saw him on telly blathering on about galaxies for hours and I never saw his lips move once. Genius.
- Mike Woods, E-mail

Every time I use my local NatWest cashpoint, the screen says 'You have not been charged for this transaction'. Yet when I check my statement, I find without fail that I have had ten pounds debited for every tenner I withdraw. No wonder the banks are raking it in.
- Gary Beergut, E-mail

With reference to that series Manhunt where ex-Special Forces soldiers try to hunt down Andy McNab. Why don't the producers include a couple of Iraqis in the hunting team? They found the twat quickly enough the last time he played hide and seek with them.
- Shuggie, E-mail

It's all very well Meg Ryan getting her kit off for her new film, but why wasn't she doing it twenty years ago before her puppies hit the pan?
- Alan Pick, Kingston-upon-Toast

I have just spent three hours making custard using Delia's recipe and it's a triumph, in that it tastes just like Bird's Instant.
- A.W. Thompson, E-mail

I would like to thank Darren of Chelsea for not coming to Australia with Jenny. She is a great shag. Thanks again.
- Baz, Bondi

Hats off to the witty burglars who stole my entire CD collection with the exception of There Is Nothing Left to Lose by the Foo Fighters. I hope that when sentencing, the judge takes into account their splendid sense of humour.
- Chris Scaife, Jesmond

Hats off to the American police. They arrive at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch to arrest him a mere six months after he admits climbing into bed with young boys on worldwide TV. Perhaps they should get some faster cars.
- T Barnham, London


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