Friday, November 5

Touching the Void

For a change, a quickie: watched Touching the Void the other night.

It's fanfuckingtastic.

There's a Channel 4 link at the top, and there's this, and then this, and then these two bickerers (if you so wish, you could google reviews and other schmutter all day).

Favourite moment: when Joe has really lost it - visions, delirium, despair, the usual . . . and Brown Girl in the Ring is torturing his head, he thinks

"Bloody hell, I'm gonna die to Boney M!"

Visions, delirium, despair . . . just another Friday night.

ADDENDUM: As this little titbit concerned a tale of mountaineers, I've since recalled being told by a friend how, at a party in Fulham (the invitation may well have said soiree but trust me, I've run into some of these people, and they're all skanks), a friend of charlie defined herself to him thus: "I've sucked off a cock that's stood at the top of Everest. Now, how many women do you know can say that?"

Of course, this year they celebrated five years of being married, and have one little miss naughty of a daughter. True. No. It's pure yarbles. But the story is true.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When a child is born, it comes out of a warm uterus, 37 degrees centigrade, into about 18 or 20 degrees centigrade. That's bad enough. The shock of birth, bad enough. But it could survive that if the following didn't happen. As it comes out, it is picked up by the legs and slapped on the buttocks. The first greeting is a slap. The next greeting: Take it away from the mother. Right? Taken away from the mother. I want you to listen here. It will sound incredible in a hundred years. Take it away from the mother. The mother must not touch or see the baby. The baby has no contact after having nine months of body contact of very high temperature - what we call the "orgonotic body energy contact", the field action between them, the warmth and the heat.

`Then, the Jews introduced something about six or seven thousand years old. And that is circumcision. I don't know why they introduced it. It's still a riddle. Take that poor penis. Take a knife - right? And start cutting. And everybody says, 'It doesn't hurt.' Get it? That's an excuse, of course, a subterfuge. They say that the sheath of the nerve is not yet developed. Therefore the child doesn't feel a thing. Now that's murder! Circumcision is one of the worst treatments of children. And what happens to them? You just look at them. They can't talk to you. They just cry. What they do is shrink. They contract, get away into the inside, away from the ugly world. I express it very crudely, but you understand what I mean, Doctor. Now, that's the greeting: Taking it away from the mother. Mother mustn't see it. Twenty-four or forty-eight hours, eat nothing. Right? Penis cut. And then comes the worst: This poor child, poor infant, tries always to stretch out and to find some warmth, something to hold on to. It goes to the mother, puts its lips on the mother's nipple. And what happens? The nipple is cold, or it doesn't erect, or the milk doesn't come, or the milk is bad. And that is quite general. That is not one case in a thousand. That is general. That's average.

So what does that infant do? How does it respond to that? How does it have to respond to that bio-energetically? It can't come to you and tell you, 'Oh, listen, I'm suffering so much, so much, so much.' It just cries. And, finally, it gives up and says, 'No'. It doesn't say 'no' in words, you understand, but that is the emotional situation. And we orgonomists know it. We get it out of our patients. We get it out of our emotional structure, out of their behavior, not out of their words. Words can't express it. Here, in the very beginning, the spite develops. Here the 'no' develops, the big 'NO' of humanity. And then you ask why the world is a mess."
-Wilhelm Reich

San Diego Moon

6 November 2004 at 10:10  
Blogger DD said...

Sorry. It's too much for my sorry-as head to deal with right now.

And as for circumcision the closest I've come to that is watching the Briss episode of Seinfeld.

6 November 2004 at 10:51  
Blogger DD said...

Now my eyes are no longer the colour of lager, I've reread the Reich excerpt.

First off, I should correct that "sorry-as" which was meant to be "sorry-ass" - but would be better put as "stupid-ass". There you go: that's my stupid-ass head for you.

Other than that, I can only conclude that Mr/Ms San Diego Moon is mocking me for crying like a baby (though I didn't quite say that) as I watched the Twin Towers fall on my TV; or that I'm charged with proffering the great big NO to the world.

Because I continually piss on religion? That's never going to change.

Because I laughed at the 'choice' between Bush and Kerry during the final days of the Presidential Election? Well, America was choice, but then American politics is a world where the spirit of Wacky Races meets the Wizard of Oz.

I don't know. I don't have time to count the ways.

But I'd say my lifestyle problem is that I have, as my mum continues to remind me, "never learned to say NO".

Even now, I'm not sure Mr Reich would be too happy with my current Orgonic Energy levels.

So it goes.

Right: I'm lying down to watch a programme about some American men who talk to goats (I believe they operate using a slush fund provided by someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who kisses the arse of Karl Rove), 'talking' with the use of electrified prongs, search lights, and an old boombox blasting out the greatest hits of Garth Brooks.

So it goes. I've got friends in low places too.

8 November 2004 at 11:36  

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