Thursday, November 11

No Flies On the Hitch

Anyone who's been round my way before knows near enough where I stand on most of the key issues - the war against Jihadism etc.

And for the most part my views align with those of the Hitch. Here he is again, nailing the Mirror itself for its 50 Million Dumb Americans (or some such charge) headline of last week, a piss-poor response to the re-election of Bush . . . and how it symptomises the simple-minded "war is bad; America is bad" nostrums of the Left.

The Hitch sticks out like the proverbial, in comparison to the standard fare inked in the Mirror: here is one of its more typical columns. It's low grade, stuffed with stuff like the "unquestioning devotion" of soldiers during the second world war. As far as I'm concerned, anything unquestioned is worth little, if not nothing at all. But the point I make here is that it just isn't true, is it? It's presumptuous; it's false; it's faked feelings; it's lazy journalism.

As for the main news of the day, the death of Yasser Arafat may be an opportunity for progress in the Middle East, but I doubt it. I still think the Palestinians are willing to pay the body price for playing the long-term demographic game. I hope I'm proved to be totally wrong.

As for the old gangster . . . well the line I always think of was uttered a few years ago by Jackie Mason, who said: "Whatever you think of Arafat, I bet you this: somewhere on those towels* he wears around his head you'll find the words "Hilton International."

On the subject of old phonies who popped their clogs in France, I recently read a couple of snippets concerning Charles de Gaulle.

Noel Coward heard news of his death via a phone call, the informant on the other end wondering aloud how de Gaulle and God would be getting along in Heaven. "That," Coward quipped, "depends on how good God's French is."

In his Diaries Kenneth Tynan comments on how the de Gaulles had a mongoloid daughter who died young; de Gaulle had been devoted to her, and he comforted his wife at the graveside with these words: "Come, now she is like the others." Tynan asks (rhetorically) if this is the most moving thing ever said by a Great National Hero.


As I'm on a hat-trick, I may as well briefly reprise the fact that Sir Winston Churchill deliberately re-routed the starting point of the train journey to take his body to its final burial spot at Blenheim, just to exact some psychological revenge on de Gaulle for the ingratitude the latter had shown Britain after the end of the war.

His final stand was: "That French fucker shall go to Waterloo!"

* The proper term for the headdress worn by arabs is keffiyeh.

ADDENDUM: So no flies on the Hitch, as per. But it's a different story over at the BBC, where a minor uproar has been caused by a female reporter, Barbara Plett, stating how she cried as Arafat's body left Palestine, during the radio equivalent of an op-ed piece on From Our Own Correspondent (Radio 4).

Here is a report (from the Telegraph: drolly shit-stirring) on the 500 complaints that followed, and here is a retort to those from the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK: blaming it on the Zionists).

Personally, I thought that BBC reporters were supposed to leave their feelings back at home; but the reality is that ever since Michael Buerck (was there ever a more aptly-named reporter? Positively Waughian) drooled over the dying in Ethiopia back in 1985 that old Reithian ideal has gone.

So I must reluctantly conclude that Ms Plett should be free to shed her emotions to us on air (though she has since been carpeted by her employers for doing so), if we accept that the raison d'etre of that radio show is a personal insight into what's going off in the world, as opposed to straight down the line news reportage.

Likewise, it's up to each listener to decide whether or not to take seriously the supposedly considered opinions of someone who cried over the death of Yasser Arafat.

I'm afraid that when I saw the slightly unnerving scenes of wailing Palestinians in Ramallah I thought to myself: peasants. Before any of you wail at that, let me say I felt, and feel, exactly the same way toward those who broke down over the death of Diana, and the sentimental reaction to sundry other media-saturated deaths of recent years here in the Golden West. (Indeed, I'm still finding it difficult to leave the salt alone when Clive James stumps up, for his rolling-eyes obit on Diana was when he jumped the shark, to use TV parlance - but I do it because he remains one of our few brilliant critics: here he is on the latest Philip Roth novel.)

Hard little bastard that I am, there are times when I cry too. I just don't like people making a career out of it.


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