Wednesday, November 3

It Was the Guardian Wot Won It!

I note that the projected (?) election result for Clark County, Ohio, is pretty much how the US as a whole has voted: 50.96% for Bush, 48.56% for Kerry.

Given that Ohio, as expected, was the key marginal state, I expect the Guardian to be given props for achieving a complete own goal in its campaign to get British people to write to Ohioans requesting that they vote for Kerry.

As the Hitch put it on this evening's Newsnight: "What were they thinking of? So crass, so condescending . . . "

Don't worry, I'm not about to start dissecting every grain of electoral sand. I'll leave that sport to the likes of Andrew Sullivan, who wrote yesterday of a sudden rush of tears in his eyes brought about by the incidence of some politically apposite lines of Whittier being scored in his head as he walked back home after casting his vote. (I'm afraid the lines that came to my mind as I read his corn were ones by Kingsley Amis, about the type of people who "cry when things go wrong".)

Though I (gently) mock Sullivan's swooning affectation at that moment, reading through his stuff I'm pretty sure we both came at this latest jamboree using the same perspective: from the get-go, it was not so much a choice between two evils than a worrying case of the evil of two lessers.

As I argued here, it was (mildly) reminiscent of the Chirac - Le Pen run-off in France in 2002, which saw repeated scenes of voters holding their nose as they went to vote.

Back, briefly, to the Guardian's 'Let Us Limeys Tell You How to Vote' campaign. On reading some of the splenetic ripostes from some pretty pissed-off Ohioans (and others), I did feel obliged to defend my own honour ie stick up for my own sorry but not-so-little pansy-ass.

(Incidentally, though I don't believe in the hokum that surrounds religious-based marriages, as far as I'm concerned gays should be allowed to marry too, in church or out of church, if they so wish. I'm just a tad disappointed and bewildered how, having established their legal rights on that score, so many of them would want to go through with it all. Why slide into boring old heterodoxy?)

So it's four more years. Leaving aside the economic adage that when the US economy sneezes, we catch cold, I think it can be asserted that a Kerry victory would have made very little difference to us: as regards what for ease of reference I'll call the war on terror, it was always going to be four more years. And then four more. And then four more . . .

Until tomorrow, when I'll propose the 2008 Democratic Party Dream Ticket - and I promise plenty of jism, and plenty of spunk.


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