Thursday, November 4

It Has to Be Johnny and Hillary for 2008

Quickly: apropos of my jibe posted late last night, check this out.

Okay. Already swamped with post-election guff (from the) left, right and centre, I feel a bit of a jerk for spunking up my own thoughts . . . but we all know how bad it is for us if we deny an outlet for our own desires, our own needs, our own juices . . . so here's My Two Cents, as the legendary Kent Brockman would introduce it.

It's simple. The Democrats need to go with a John Edwards / Hillary Clinton ticket for 2008.

They'll keep the core vote, and bring in a whole lot more from the South, and from women. And Hillary can rely on Bill - if he's a) still alive and b) still her husband - to bring in the spics and the micks and the brothers . . .

The link above argues the case for simplicity ie John Edwards, as opposed to Mr Conditional Clause, John Kerry. And here, by the same guy, is what amounts to a template for the next presidential campaign. In fact, for the next few days the always enjoyable (always big, and always clever) Slate is probably going to be full of similar pieces arguing for a similar turnaround - and I doubt those writers will constitute a lone vacuum.

Furthermore, here is a little sidepiece from the Guardian suggesting why Hillary Clinton will make her move: because Botox can only make so much difference. Harsh, but that's politics, baby.

It also mentions the fast-rising star of Barack Obama: unfortunately, I think it only takes two seconds' worth of thought to realise that America is not yet ready for him (I don't need to spell out what I mean, do I?), and there would have to be a seismic shift (caused by a catastrophic event?) to see any marked change in the forseeable future. Similarly, it takes about another two seconds to conclude that it has to be John Edwards running for President. I mean, America is strongly divided now, but if Hillary should top the bill in four years' time . . . Oh boy!

Elsewhere in the coverage I've read so far:

Boris Johnson
calls (from Tel Aviv: is he laying low? Does he not know he could run for Mayor of London? Now there's a thought) for Bush to repay his one true foreign buddy, TB, with some progress over Israel and Palestine . . .

Anatole Kaletsky (speciality: free-range yarbles) is another pundit suggesting that this election was a good one to lose . . .

Jonathan "fuck Blair" Freedland cries wolf - yet again . . .

Here Timothy Garton Ash condescendingly raises a glass (no doubt filled with a decent Hungarian Pinot Grigio) to the considerable increase in votes cast - but nonetheless can't resist pissing all over Dubya's chips . . .

Meanwhile Nancy Banks-Smith can't help but mock the coverage by the BBC and ITV . . .

. . . and this article by a ten-a-penny hackette straddles both the serious and the trivial before leaping off into the loony (Freed)land where "we're all doomed".

Re the TV coverage: flip-flopping around, as is my wont on such occasions, I thought - shock and horror! - ITV did a better job than the BBC, though both Bonnie Greer and especially Bob Worcester have got shit on their shoes following their woefully premature (2am GMT) declaration of a victory for Kerry.

There was a fairly jolly and decidedly keen pollster on BBC who was good value; but there was also way too much of David Frum. Assuming he gets a drink every time he stumps up on screen, I shudder to think how much he's trousered these past four or five days. For talking yarbles. Pure yarbles.

No. No. A thousand times No! I won't have some fat-faced, sponge-haired yankee misappropriating my act.


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