Thursday, October 21

Who's Your Daddy, New York Yankee? Who IS Your Daddy?


Who was I to expect the Greatest Comeback of All Time!?!

Where do I begin?

Johnny Damon, baby. Johnny fucking Damon - all the way! Or shall I say Johnny Nazareth, as I hear he's affectionately known in the Bronx. Well, Jesus went 3 for 6 last night, you bozos. I trust all you denizens of the Bronx zoo choked on your choc-fat bambino bars.

En passant, whatever happened to Wok-face Matsui? Seems they just don't like it up 'em. He may as well have been using a a wok as a bat this past week. Hey, I'm not playing the ungracious winner: I for one trust that Sheffield and Giambi can get back on the drugs that made them such great players, once upon a long ago.

To quote - yet again, I know - Humbert Humbert in Lolita: "My little cup brimmeth over with tiddles."

I confess my head and my emotions are still spinning, giddy. I'm still drinking . . . and still drinking it all in.

But last night, while watching history, I had an epiphany: that the US presidential election is not jejeune; no, and it's not completely juvenile; however, it is a cartoon.

No guarantees, but like the great Johnny D this D may well come back with his third hit of the day in a while, to run through this jolly little thesis.

Until then, to the Yankees out there - three fingers.

Do you all get it?

You remember?

Or are you all too shellshocked?


Three fingers: in The Candidate (1972) Robert Redford plays Bill McKay ("Vote Bill McKay. Because there's got to be a better way"), an 'alternative' - ie young and naive - political scion who loses his naivete as he realises the vicious game he's got himself in to. Early on in his campaign for governor, McKay gets a three finger salute from a black street kid; he turns and asks an adviser what it means . . .

"What it means is: Peace and Love and Up Yours!"

ADDENDUM: I must add this neat little celebratory piece in Slate, which also gives a little colour for those unfamiliar with the Curse of the Bambino.

And of course, my question at the top was rhetorical.

I know the answer.

I've known it for years.

The Yankees don't have a daddy - because they're all a bunch of bastards.


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