Sunday, October 17

This Is a Low

Well, I've had a shave. A good long shave. And faced the facts.

It's over.

Stick a fork in our asses, we're done. For another season.

Late as it must have been by the River Charles when last night's marathon fiasco ended, I doubt anyone around the world can trump the dark dawn I saw over the Thames, the dimmed red warning lights anointing still the dozen steel masts of the Millenium Dome.

And what came just then to what was left of my mind?

"You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me . . . "

The Sox? Hell, no. The Dome. Unfaithful? I hear you ask. An unfaithful building? Have I fallen for the pathetic fallacy? No. As it happens, and just to rub it in for me, a few hundred anti-war squatters have been holed up in the Dome over the weekend - at a princely tenner a pop, courtesy of mayor Livingstone - to do this shit, stroking the bald pates of the usual shits: Benn, Galloway, Corbyn et al; and subsequently to lift to an inflatable level the doubtless pitiful numbers in the pitiful Stop the War stroll that disappeared up its own aureole at some point today.

Such is life. I was busy sleeping mine off.

Now I hope that the Cardinals take the World Series - if for no other reason than that St Louis is the birthplace of Miles Davis. And they don't have the two-faced git that goes by the name of Roger Clemens. And, hey, they're NOT the Yankees. And that's not small-mindedness: in this ALCS the Red Sox have been out-pitched, out-hit, out-run and out-managed; put it all together: outplayed by the better team.

But none of that changes the fact that the Yankees are EVIL.

And why should I worry? No one's gonna come up to me here, taunting, "Who's yer Daddy?"


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