Sunday, October 10

Piffle Is Football's Default Mode

Judging by this report of the match coverage yesterday, it's just as well that I was semi-spasticated and off my face, not paying much attention to the turkey shoot taking place on the big screens around us.

As Garth Crooks is mentioned, I may as well slip in this old but immanent observation by Danny Baker: " . . . did I say Garth Brooks? I meant Garth Crooks. Well, I can get confused. Note to self: one wears a hat, the other talks through his."

A couple of pie-eyed observations of my own re Greenwich:

  1. The North Pole is looking mighty swank, with its new (to me) creamy beige and dark brown decor. Worthy of the new Lower East Side.

    During the game, a friend of mine also pointed out the Andrew Gilligan guy hunched over a stool at the bar; in reality, a 7/10 lookalike, but the mere thought of the unbridled source-sneak being reduced to the status of a bum was consolation for the drabs up on the screen.

  2. St Christopher's: still a rathole, though surprisingly (to me) full of what must be the fresh crop of students attending the university - possibly overspill from the completely packed Auctioneer. I arrived there to the singing of the spastic national anthem, so I walked back out again.

    Re St Christopher's, it would be remiss of me not to remark on one leggy blonde customer with a spectacular rack and the mane of a brat doll; oh boy, we thought - some poor schmuck (ie lucky bastard) is going to be smitten with some very high maintenance there.

  3. The town still only feels half-alive - and I think it'll stay that way until the cinema is reopened or they do with the site whatever they're planning to do. But hey! DO SOMETHING.


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