Wednesday, October 20

Paul Bigley: File Under CUNT

I've sat and kept shtum, given that there's a grieving family involved - and let's not forget, a wilful act of murder by despicable people; but yes, it's been hard keeping shtum when Mr Paul Bigley has been anything but.

His ignorance - yes, ignorance, of what's going on and what needs to be done in and around Iraq has been painful to read and listen to, culminating in his call last weekend for the coalition troops to get out of Iraq.

Has he thought for one second - let alone two minutes - what will happen if the coalition summarily withdraws its troops?


Does he have any consideration for the wider context, the message such a withdrawal, such a kowtowing to terrorism, would send?


Why? Because he's a CUNT.

Listen, pal: just because because you're crying doesn't give you the right to boo-hoo bollocks. Complete and utter political yarbles. The behaviour, the unthinking of a peasant. A cunting little peasant. As if we didn't have enough of those in parliament already (though they tend to be not so little, living very high on the hog: for example, let's waddle up scousehead #1 Peter Kilfoyle).

Anyway, for how long has this Bigley been a bleeding heart peace merchant? I assume he was on that pitiful march last Sunday - a waste of police time and taxpayer's money. I doubt very much that he was on the anti-war charade of February 2003, or the smaller gatherings that preceded that. And his late brother? Well . . . do you think he was anywhere near those?

So today Bigley has called Boris Johnson a "self-centred, pompous twit" who should "get out of public life" following the latter's striking, and strikingly valid comments on the local overreaction of Liverpudlians to the death of Kenneth Bigley.

An overreaction all round?


I agree with Boris on this: I think a two minute silence was at least one minute too long. His original editorial is here in full. (I say his, for although he didn't write it, as editor of The Spectator he okayed the piece through to publication - and as a prospective Tory leader after the next election, he's been forced to take full responsibility and smell the shit sandwich.)

I also agree with the overall point made about the mawkish sentimentality that has overtaken British cultural life in recent years - a theme I've banged on about quite a few times since I began this blog.

I disagree with the apportioning of any - any - blame for the Hillsborough disaster of 1989 on "drunken Liverpool supporters". Yes, some of them were no doubt drunk - but I'm here to tell you that at every major football ground in this country, and most abroad, the last minute push into the ground from local pubs happens before every big game: the police here know that and their job is to deal with it, which they do, week in, week out. And they get handsomely paid for doing so. But that one time they fucked up, and 96 people died. They fucked up, and they know it.

And today, Boris apologised for hashing out that old line, while sticking quite rightly to his guns on the prescient point about our crybaby culture.

Now, back to the words of our cunting friend. In the OED pompous is stated as meaning 'grand, solemn, self-important': so Bigley's "self-centred" is a redundant phrase. But is Boris Johnson solemn? Grand?


When it comes to Boris I think the majority of people in this country would tick the boxes to terms such as bumbling, endearing, eccentric - and interesting. And probably add that our political life could do with more of his kind; more colour, more character.

Sadly, there has been a self-centred, pompous twit in all of this - and he goes by the name of Bigley; and today it is he who is hoist by his own petard.

ADDENDUM: there's a further written apology and explanantion from Boris Johnson here.


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