Tuesday, October 19

Flaming Pie, Anyone? And Googlism

Something has been bugging me for a few years now and it's this: what exactly is a flaming pie?

Yeah, as used by our peer of the realm, Thumbs Aloft Macca, for a recent album title.* And, given that I think flaming pie = hairy pussy, that's a choice and cheeky phrase for the country's unofficial poet laureate to be using, is it not? (Continuing the - ahem - theme, spies tell me that his next album has a working title of Vertical Smile . . . )

Sticking with the Fabs, I'm also curious as to what John Lennon was on about when using shaved fish as an album title. To me, that's your Hollywood, your depilator's dream, your shaved pussy. QED in my cocked head.

Anyway, I googled in said phrase, which led me to this site, a blog by a girl called Allison (starting to happen): she rides the pie; she goes lower case; she loves the Beatles; she has a crush on a guy with a Beatle mop-top at her college, which is in Pittsburgh; and she has a pet fish that mopes around his block to the name of Frank; and she (occasionally) picks at her acoustic guitar.

There you go: pass on said ingredients to, say, the great Evan Dando - and hey presto, a song.

In turn, one of her entries was her Googlism. And so I just had to do mine - well, mine as in the transitory concept that is "DD". Of course, in my parallel life my name is Frank, I'm a beautiful red fish, and you won't believe some of the things I get to see and hear. Oh boy!

So, for now, here is DD:

dd is for ddictionary
dd is for ddragon
dd is for discrimination
dd is spinning out of control
dd is not talking much
dd is up
dd is a national car rental company
dd is doctor of divinity
dd is for dippy duck
dd is deadly
dd is used?
dd is a leftie
dd is a teacher at ours
dd is slowly slipping away
dd is 11 months old
dd is for tune
dd is 4 today
dd is and how to use it
dd is struggling with dairy yet again
dd is a national car rental company with the strongest and largest network of rental offices in istria
dd is dear daughter
dd is 03/27/87
dd is better than cd
dd is doctor of divinity date
dd is operating in a time warp
dd is intelligent as well as talented
dd is satisfied with the report
dd is among the oldest associations of computer technology
dd is already available almost everywhere
dd is doing
dd is the day of the month
dd is the wednesday of that week
dd is often referred to as a highly creative survival technique
dd is space control and aggressive bombing
dd is young and only in adv beg more inside
dd is set to 00
dd is virtually a completely digital variant of rme's reference converter adi
dd is the youngest member of rme's world
dd is used to connect definite determiners
dd is just someone you can call up who will always be willing to go drink with you
dd is a very integral part of our canine and human family
dd is known as 5
dd is available
dd is available to help other ngos work up their policy portfolio in this way
dd is for dog
dd is an integral part of a separated network security architecture
dd is unresponsive
dd is told the data is from the same gel
dd is my daughter's very first security buddy and has been with her for most of her four years
dd is pleased to announce that ms
dd is the flagship balloon lettering font in our library
dd is to duplicate a floppy disk
dd is 629
dd is for dolphin
dd is a graphical representation of how the files and programs work as a system
dd is a 2
dd is known
dd is greater than 4
dd is attached
dd is 27 months and weighs around 37 pounds
dd is first applied
dd is especially suited to i/o on raw physical devices because it allows reading and writing in arbitrary record sizes
dd is working correctly
dd is also a nickname for the liz on the block
dd is the day
dd is mostly brsch
dd is all about
dd is good education
dd is maintaining its own internal database of usernames and passwords
dd is 7
dd is the
dd is a sociologist
dd is the 5v power supply

" . . . and you know what they said, well some of it was true!"

* Prior to his Glastonbury gig (wellington boots? What a waster), the old mocker hired my beloved Dome across the river for a couple of weeks in May, to rehearse - causing some bother to the nearly dead living round here. Me? I fucking loved it. I remember sitting out on the balcony with a bottle of wine one Friday afternoon as he just about did a whole concert, with the odd false start etc. And yes, he did play fucking loud. Oh, and I'm pretty sure he sped away one afternoon in a private chopper that flew right by: any closer and he could have heard me giving it the full Liam: "He shot the wrong Beatle! You're dying in reverse, perverse order of merit - the best first! I thought Heather had a plane . . . Oh yeah, she has, but that's so she can shave both her legs. Raspberry Ripple!"

Yeah, I can be that obnoxious - just ask my friends.


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Blogger al said...

haha one, thanks for the plug and the er, interesting guestbook entry at my site. not too sure what the (starting to happen) meant after my name but whatever, it's all good. i love that you took so much inspiration from my fish(?) hahaha.. no, he's awesome really.

anyway, flaming pie. i named my domain after paul mccartney's 1997 album "flaming pie," which you already knew about. another tidbit is that he got the phrase from something john lennon said on the origin of the beatles: "...i saw a man on a flaming pie and he said 'you're the beatles with an a' and we are." hope that helps! and the reason i "ride the pie," as my signature states is that in macca's song "flaming pie," he sings "i'm the man on the flaming pie," taking the concept from the phrase from john lennon. so, i suppose i'm trying to say that i'm on the same pie? haha yeah i have no clue. no one's ever really brought it up before. i've actually never heard the "hairy pussy" thing. i'm pretty sure the beatles weren't thinking like that, but it's interesting.

anyway, i might go ahead and mention you in my next blog post and link you on the domain. this is interesting.

oh and by the way, how fucking lucky can you get to hear paul rehearsing??? that's awesome. and yeah, those people that complained: what were they thinking?

19 October 2004 at 22:02  
Blogger DD said...

Hi there, Al baby.

Thanks for the Beatles info: I should have known that story, but didn't. I still think Macca is being cheeky ie it's a double entendre.

"Alison's Starting to Happen" is a song by the Lemonheads (Evan Dando) off their It's a Shame About Ray album (1992)... you can google it and get the lyrics etc.

That album also has their/his cover of "Frank Mills" from the musical Hair - and in case you don't know it, and as you're clearly a Beatles fanatic, here's that song's lyrics:

I met a boy called Frank Mills,
On September 12th right here
In front of the Waverly, but unfortunately,
I lost his address.
He was last seen with his friend,
A drummer, he resembles George Harrison of the Beatles,
But he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back.

I love him, but it embarrasses me
To walk down the street with him.
He lives in Brooklyn somewhere,
And he wears his white crash helmet.
He has golden chains on his leather jacket,
And on the back are written the names
Mary and Mom and Hell’s Angels.

I would gratefully appreciate it
If you see him, tell him
I am in the park with my girlfriend, and please
Tell him Angela and I don’t want the two dollars back ... just him.

My fave Beatles song right now: We Can Work It Out
Fave Python's Sketch: Four Yorkshiremen - believe me, that's exactly what they're like in real life, every man jack of them!

Don't forget to give my regards to Frank ...

20 October 2004 at 12:36  
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