Wednesday, October 20

Farewell Then, Paul Foot

Actually, this would normally be an addendum to the previous piece, but I didn't want to taint the memory of one man who undoubtedly did some good with the pathetic bleatings of a cunting arsehole.

The link is to a pretty rounded appreciation in The Spectator; and, if you care to, Private Eye currently has a section devoted to Paul Foot's efforts.

The dour, sour remarks aattributed to Jeremy Hardy (the ex-circuit comedian turned figure of fun) in response to some seemingly well-deserved heckling brought back memories of a defining moment (for me anyway) in the whole debate over Iraq, an incident that revealed the aporia in the minds of the Stop the War brigade.

It came during one day of protesting, prior to the largest march here of February last year, when one carefree guy strolled up outside the House of Commons to argue for the invasion of Iraq in order to remove Saddam Hussein; he was jostled and manhandled, his placard was torn to shreds, and he was verbally threatened by a small, shriekingly demented mob within the mob.

Yeah: typical peaceniks. Their aporia? They're not really for "peace" at all - other than completely on their own fucking terms. And no, I'm not going to glibly mention the term fascism to describe them and their mindset: fascism to me suggests a real - if yet latent - threat in the offing; a real menace ie the islamic fundamentalists are fascists. But this rabble? This lot just has to be argued out, and then shaken off; shaken off like the lover clinging on to a limb of yours while you're determinedly heading out the door and out of their lives - because that's the right thing, the best thing to do.


Aaah. Their ilk, and the spastic in the previous entry, really stick in my throat - the more so when I know I should be fully embracing the fantasy baseball that is this year's play-offs. My, they're even better than last autumn's hoedown.


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