Wednesday, October 6

"Do You Know Who I Am? I Am REM!"

Again I must fess that I sat on my pithy remarks about Sir Elton of John's latest tantrum: LOOK AT HER! (part 123)

I'm afraid that I was away on Planet Zorg at the time (having a very good time, thank you very much), but here's Miranda Swayer (bless) on the original filth and the fury, which is here; and here be Mark Lawson's rationale of the diva mentality.

My top diva - because it came as something as a shock and played against his image and type - has to be Peter Buck, for his infamous strop on a long haul from the West Coast to London.

The classic stance: "Do you know who I am? I am REM!"

He was so disgraceful - pronouncements along the lines of "I want out of this fucking plane right now!" (ie mid-flight) - he had to scrub up at the crown court: here he is getting away with it after the dissembling of - among others - who else but god's self-appointed conduit, Bono.

While I'm wallowing in wankery, I'm sure that Bono once said that "every song is co-written by god". Yeah. You see. His arse feeds itself.

Repeat the mantra after me: Bono is a bog-brained paddy-whoring, bulumic practicing, shoe lifts-wearing, habitually list-lyric-making cunt.

And now I must take up the promise I keep making to myself: never to mention him again. I'll even do it for charidee.


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