Tuesday, October 12

Crazy Like a Fox

Some final thoughts on the hunting farrago.

At my youngest niece's birthday party last month, conversation turned to the recent protests and her Irish grandmother recalled the destruction that foxes caused to her family's land and livestock (and thus livelihood) back in rural Ireland.

" . . . they'll kill anything - for no reason."

"Just like us," I glibly replied.

[Insert here your image of Irish motherly scorn.]

"They kill anything. Not for food, just pure malice. Awful creatures. I'd shoot them all."

"Well, obviously they have to be culled; I'm really - my beef is against the whole celebratory nature of the hunt: two fingers of your favorite tipple and 'tally ho!' -

"And I bet you have a drink before you set out to have a good time."

"Point taken. Reason not the need . . . But those pro-hunters - "

"Are a pack of shits?"

"Yes. Exactly."

"So where do you stand on bullfighting? Are you in favour of that?"


With a conceding smile: "Yes. Yes I am. Though I want the bulls to have as good a chance as possible: stop doping them to the eyeballs and half-killing them with those sticks they stab in [to them] before each fight."

With a glint in her eye - scenting victory and no mistake: "But you don't mind that spectacle?"

"No. [Laughing.] In fact, I love all that. I just want the contest to be real."

We both agreed on these things: that it was silly to be pushing such a contentious ban through when there are much bigger and more important issues at stake ie the war on terror; and that the reason the Hunting Act is being rushed into law right now is not so much because Tony Blair promised such a ban back in 1997 but that he has to throw a carrot to the donkeys on the far left of the party* who are still in a mutinous sulk over the decision to go to war in Iraq.

* What matter it to them that the left in Iraq (and the left in Afghanistan, and no doubt the left in Iran and so on) were in favour of the war - as the only foreseeable means of getting rid of Saddam.

ADDENDUM: I've just read this piece and, well, I'm game. I should also note that I'm with the Spanish on the dictum that if you're going to kill an animal for food, you owe it the morality of eating as much of it as you can, from arsehole to beak. Come on: show some cojones!


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