Thursday, October 7

Catfight #3

Ladies and Germs, welcome to a really promising spat between the Hitch and Naomi Klein. (Yes, she's back, like a reigning conker, soured in vinegar. What the fuck? - well, see here.)

The link is to the Hitch's retort to her original yarbles, which are here, and here is her response to him. And, though I'm firmly on the side of the Hitch, she has a point to be answered about a free press: what I mean is what would Moqtada al-Sadr's newspaper be saying? I can guess with foreboding, but I don't know. So what should we have done?

Quite rightly, say, the once-bitten, still sorrowful West prohibits any type of concentrated anti-Semitic or pro-Nazi publication.

In short, freedom, of necessity, has its limits.

And yes, I feel the same restrictions should be applied around the rest of the world, and we can start with Mesopotamia.

Digression: if I ruled the world I would reinstate this name for the region, divide what is now Iraq into three - Kurdistan, Shiitestan (or whatever) and Sunnistan (or whatever) - and force them to get along, using various carrots and sticks. (By the by, I'm all for naming and shaming of the wanker - a British mandarin? - who decided it should be named Iraq in the first place.)

Such a partition would be a logistical nightmare - I can foresee that - but I can also see what a nightmare it is now, and will be for years. Read this: as things are, the moment the coalition forces leave, the Sunnis and Shiites are going to be embroiled in a civil war, dragging in who knows else from around the region.

Okay, that's enough of that for now. I could go on and on.

Back to the catfight: if I may BOAT DRINK once more the Hitch and a new arrival, Johann Hari, here is the latter interviewing the former, with the salient point being this:

He explains that he [Hitchens] believes the moment the left's bankruptcy became clear was on 9/11. "The United States was attacked by theocratic fascists who represents all the most reactionary elements on earth. They stand for liquidating everything the left has fought for: women's rights, democracy? And how did much of the left respond? By affecting a kind of neutrality between America and the theocratic fascists." He cites the cover of one of Tariq Ali's books as the perfect example. It shows Bush and Bin Laden morphed into one on its cover. "It's explicitly saying they are equally bad. However bad the American Empire has been, it is not as bad as this. It is not the Taliban, and anybody - any movement - that cannot see the difference has lost all moral bearings."


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