Tuesday, September 21

"To Err Is Human ... "

"To err is human; to loaf is Parisian."
- Victor Hugo

Well, well, well. I feel so ill. And I deserve it - for being a very naughty boy and buggering off to Paris for the weekend. Yeah, a dirrrty weekend. A real shocker.

It was a birthday treat. Or two.

Stayed in Abbesses at this hotel: okay rooms, great nosey views - more in a bit - and, very importantly, a great French breakfast.

First time in Paris for a while: my last visit involved a scene of my then flame locking herself in the bathroom with some Bikini-Bare; and nothing, but nothing I said could get her out of there. For hours! Oh, I was a silly boy with a silly mouth - and I paid the price for it, believe me.

So before the real shots, there was a shot of culture: the Musee d'Orsay - long fucking queue, but worth it. It pisses on Tate Modern; matches the Prado for top boys, and beats the latter for views from the terrace.

Also paid homage at Montmartre cemetery to Francois Truffaut. (It was seeing a season of his films on Channel 4 when I was a schoolboy that really opened up the possibilities of the world to me for the first time. Later, I would be that close to being a hapless private investigator, just like Antoine Doinel in Baisers Voles!)

So: Truffaut, and out! back to the rue des Abbesses. Dining like princes at a pauper's prices; though when it comes to drinking in the bars it's the reverse. No wonder I've never heard of, let alone been on a stag do to Paris.

I'm just about all done in. Oh yeah, the views. There was a jolly juxtaposition of this great old church and Les demoiselles d'Avignon, if you will, who would stroll by - shift completed ? - late morning, breaking off bites of their breakfast ficelles. As for their habitat: Pigalle itself is pretty tawdry; in fact it's tawdry, and not pretty at all. You want decent looking hookers? Head for St Denis - at least that's where I think they were ...

I can see the slide into cliche before my sorry eyes, so that's it.


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