Thursday, September 16

Tally Ho!

I'd like to say that my car bumpers have the blood of a few rustics dripping off them, but alas my late night trawl round the heavenly Embankment felled no such spawn. Obviously they were idling their tractors back up the M1 etc.

The link is to Simon Hoggart's sketch on yesterday's kerfuffle in the Commons. He's the hack of hacks, and usually pretty good value. For instance, I just read this playful puppy-snap at PJ O'Rourke - forgive me if I include it in full context:

The main topic of the day was fox-hunting, and the government's extraordinary decision that the bill to ban it is so urgent that it has to be pushed through all stages in a single day ...

After this, the House of Lords will be told to rubberstamp the bill, and if they don't the last hereditary peer will be hanged immediately with the guts of the last life peer. Or something along those lines.

After which, the urgency will suddenly disappear, and the bill won't come into force for two whole years.

The reason for this, we are told, is that the government is afraid that hunts will slaughter their redundant hounds and dump them on politicians' doorsteps during the next election campaign.

It seems curious that anyone imagines there are votes to be won by murdering innocent dogs and slinging them around the streets. But this topic makes idiots of almost everyone.

But many Labour MPs are spoiling for a fight with the House of Lords, led by that ornament of the new establishment, the lavishly tanned apparatchik Peter Hain.

Lunchtime yesterday found me at South Africa House in Trafalgar Square. They have celebratory photographic murals there depicting the people, many British, who led the fight against apartheid.

There on the wall, sporting long sideburns, with shaggy hair and a leather jacket, was Peter Hain, leading a demonstration.

As an American humorist once said of PJ O'Rourke, "even when he was a young man, you could see the policeman's boots underneath the kaftan".
Does anyone out there in Babel know the identity of that American humorist? I'd like to know.


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