Wednesday, September 22

"Personally, I Think It's All a Load of Bullshit"

Here's the lovely Natasha Walter iterating what I've banged on about before around here: the current obsession with a dainty escapism into never-never lands.

She rips through the hogwash world of star signs. Which leads me to revealing my second least favourite question to be asked, namely "What star sign are you?" And, I'm afraid, as it's rude to point, it's girls who ask me this. Only ever girls. And it tends to be the last question they ask me as well. Sorry.

As Jim Morrison once put it (and it's on more than one Doors concert album available out there, replete with a girl in the audience going, "Yes, Jim, yes . . . me too . . . " while he makes a fool of her), astrology is "a load of bullshit". Thanks Jim, though your 'poetry' is still fucking awful. Listen: if you don't burst out laughing at his American Prayer record, then you are doomed, friend - you can have no sense of humour.

I'll hold back my least favourite for another time - but it's not (quite) the one which was asked of me - by a girl, naturally, as you'll see - a couple of weekends ago, when I was out and about and getting off my tits at a bar called Home in Hoxton. The question she raised was this: "Do you wash your hands after you've been to the toilet?"

(Yeah. It was one of those ones. She likes you . . . )

Well, yes I do wash my hands each and every time if you must know, but need I be the one to tell you girls that a hell of a lot of men don't. Worse, I've seen men waddle out of the cubicle and not wash their hands - though in London the odds are only 5/1 that they were actually racking a line out, and that the sound of the flush was just a beard, a McGuffin.


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