Wednesday, September 22

One Day . . .

One day, there will be a piece written by a woman whose twenties were not despoiled by an "unerring ability to attract the strange, the lost and the irretrievably insane . . . " [the 'the', they be men, not that any of you were ever doubting that, were you?]

One day . . . but not, I fear, in my lifetime.

Still - albeit for some wrong reasons - she's championing the life-enhancing, delectably faux-outre Britney Spears. But the use of "Britters"? No, no, a thousand times no! Unforgivable.

PS: the "David" mentioned in the article is not me. Again, no, no, a thousand times no. Though given that for a while I lived in Brockley Grove, I think I know of the Catford all-girls' school she mentions. But my lips are sealed on the scaling of those walls.

And as for the nurses at Lewisham Hospital - ditto. Though I can finally confess that YES! It was me and my friends who let off several fire extinguishers and caused "hundreds of pounds worth of damage" at a charity party one Halloween's night. Well . . . you should never have invited such a bunch of inebriates back. You knew what was coming . . . and it came to pass.

And secretly you loved it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey, DD Yarbler, you're well local to me. I work in Catford. I must have sinned greatly in a previous life.

I was actually commenting to ask if there was meant to be a clicky there to the article you're referring to?

sarsp ... and thing

23 September 2004 at 19:05  
Blogger DD said...

Hi there again Vanessa, how goes it?

Just about all my posts link to an article - if you click the title at the top or the link at the bottom (which is sometimes a while away, I know how I do yarble on) then away you go.

Yeah, I know Catford, but not that well, compared to Brockley and Lewisham, and some spots - the Jack, the Ferkin, the Goldsmiths and the Venue - I got to know too well.

And what's the name of that rough old boozer almost next to the swimming pool (by the Ladywell / Lew / Cat junction)? Well, a bunch of us were searched for drugs by the police leaving there on the evening of the Poll Tax Riots. Oh, we were gulty all right, but they didn't find the lump. Topped off at the Venue, if I recall. Strange days indeed.

I've still got friends who live by Hilly Fields, but most live in or around Greenwich so that's the home ground for getting casually wrecked of an evening.

For now I'm living in the Isle of Dogs, though come the New Year I'll be moving - possibly abroad; as yet it's all in the air. As you no doubt know, nightlife around the Wharf is anaemic: two dozen All Bar One's in a row. How I dearly wish Brick Lane was an easy hop along the DLR.

Hold tight

25 September 2004 at 08:48  
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