Thursday, September 30

Idiot Wind (Again)

Though I'm pretty sure that I can probably count the people who pay attention to this guy's column using my fingers and toes, I thought I'd link to him just this once to show how he pulls off an odd feat. Anyone familiar with Sir Kingsley Amis' dictum about Berks and Wankers* should enjoy a quick trawl through this article to see how this guy manages to be both at once.

The snarky - and ridiculous - "more than a hint of intellectual pride" description of Tony Blair's rhetoric tells you what's coming: yarbles. Superior balls. Another slap-head attack on the prime minister. I do wish they would all piss off, instead of pissing me off week in, week out. "Wankers are prissy, fussy, priggish, prim . . . " to quote the King, and this article ticks the box labelled wank material. Ticks it? It reeks of it.

To nail his absolute folly, his anti-talent for reason has Tony Blair somehow saying that Al-Qaeda are "isloated gangs of madmen with no defined objectives". In fact, in his speech he said no such thing. Because everybody who cares knows that they do have defined objectives - the restoration of the Caliphate etc.

And from that basic error the whole attack is bogus: careless, coarse, crass and gross - the very things the King puts forward as the tell-tale nomenclature that signals beware: there's a berk in the house.

I'm actually at a loss to see how a supposedly sentient human being can completely misread a speech - I mean Tony Blair laid it out so clearly that even irredeemable berks like Peter Kilfoyle and Clare Short had to have grasped the fundamentals. The article concludes - with all the surprise of seeing a slap-head pawing around the erotica corner of your local bookshop - that the prime minister "has lost his power to reason".

Like I said at the top of this spiel, I doubt anyone who reads through this pays any attention to the custard cream thinking of Mr Anatole Kaletsky; but sometimes I feel it's good to let others know that they're really not missing anything.

And, of course, I love taking cunts like this to task. Am I being personal? Yes. Is he a slap-head? Have a look - here. He's for hire - as a celebrity speaker. Oh yes he is. No joke.

* The King's English by Kingsley Amis. An essential treat, if you're British; and a delicious slugfest, if you're American.


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