Saturday, September 25

Good News

Continuing my recent Spanish kick, here's news of a series of hits on the Catholic Church's nauseous, noxious influence - and any returning visitor to the land of yarbles should be aware of how much I hate religion: en totale, every man jack. I'm an atheist fundamentalist.

Reluctantly, I've concluded that the only way to deal with intolerance is to be intolerant of it. Completely intolerant of it - all the way along the fucking line.*

So strike me down.

In the style of the previous entry, I read through the news from Spain thinking Yes, yes, yes, yes: yes, yes, yes. Good. And not before time.

Filter around from link to link off this piece and there's more jolly news from Spain - plus a piece on some old Dutch guy's lifelong obsession with Initials BB - Brigitte Bardot. Too lazy to search? It's here.

The main squeeze is this exchange:

. . . the reasonable assumption that Mr Storm fell "madly in love" with Bardot as a boy and began keeping the odd photograph or magazine before his youthful admiration turned into an lifetime obsession. Not so, said the Dutchman.

"That was never in my thinking," he said. "I was not in love with her but interested in her image. I thought she had wonderful - " "Breasts?" his wife suggested helpfully. "Charisma," Mr Storm insisted.
Yeah, I think his wife has his number too. And let's not mince words here; let's Elton John them: she's in a worldwide, historical sisterhood, numbering in the millions - and counting, albeit detumescently from its late sixties peak - of women who have been fucked while BB's image has been fucking with the head of the lover above, below, behind, spooned . . . or wherever.

So you see, she's been an angel for both sexes. Oh yes she has!

As for her egregious far-right views - she's French, so we can let those beliefs be, because the French are never going to take out anyone else. They are weak; they are, as the Iron lady put it, frit: they infamously succumbed to the Nazis in what was it? thirty-eight days? or am I being generous there? They just about had time to round up the Jews in their midst: but not only the men, as was ordered by the Boche, but the women and children too.

You know what I think about the French right? They're all guilty of trying to over-compensate for their failures ie the failures of the French nation during the second world war. Bardot and her fools, Le Pen and his, back and back to de Gaulle. And it was de Gaulle who told Churchill, after our liberation of France, that "We will stun you with our ingratitude." Well, he's been proved right about that, hasn't he?

And no, I don't think it's that great a stretch to contemplate how we'll be called on to go in again in twenty-five, thirty, forty years time ... to sort out the threat to us caused by France's burgeoning islamic fundamantalist population.

There endeth the lesson.

ADDENDUM: yep, it's sick-making isn't it? I go to Paris for a break, have a great time, then come back, sober up and slag her off! But we go back a long way, and you're always harshest on the ones you love.

*The great, GREAT thing about blogging is that you can say what the hell you fucking well like - whereas a top commentator like David Aaronovitch deals with the same topic here, but has to tart it up and tone it down for the old print medium.


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