Friday, September 3

Eat, Drink and Be Murree

The Hamburg Cell was shown on C4 last night. 9/11 footage still chokes me up, then steels me. I'm not having it. I trust the majority of us are not having it. And I'm glad to say that that us includes millions of muslims. If you doubt that, check out the alt.muslim site in BOAT DRINKS.

In passing, though, as the Atkins revolution turns rancid, expect to see a surprise bestseller on the bookshelves this Christmas: Mohammed Atta's fashionably slim Get Fit for Heaven diet pamphlet. I kid ye not. What's in it? I'll reveal this much: it's a real manna for the suffering potato growers of the western world.

As ever, to booze. Out of my occasional habit of floating potential blog titles into Dr Google to see what surfaces, Selling Beer to Muslims led me to this recent article in the Times of India.

My 'faith' in humanity is restored. They're swinish little cads just like all us so-called infidels in the West. Good on them.

While I'm not too sure I really want to know about Chinese vodka, I'm willing to give Pakistani beer a go. That said, I once bought a too-cheap-to-turn-down crate of Indian beer (the brand escapes me) from a store in Peckham: it really was too cheap and tasted piss-poor, even worse than the Spanish and Italian muck that gets tankered over here nowadays with a joke price attached.

Top spic beer in my humble? Sagres from Portugal. Unless you know better.

I'm sure that pretty soon some kraut (or pseudo-lowlands type) will seize the day - and the economic opportunity - to start producing some fantastic stuff from the Indian subcontinent.

And let's not forget that, like so many al- words (from alchemy to Almodovar - and I can't resist adding that with the latter of late the distance between the two has become a short hop; boy, is he on a roll), alcohol has deep arabic roots. So come on you guys: lose that religion, and take up something you're probably very, very good at. And you'll make a whole lot of people very, very happy.

ADDENDUM : further evidence that all is not as you may easily believe it to be in what (for the sake of brevity) I'll loosely label muslim lands comes from this week-long diary (one of the many excellent regular features of Slate) reporting on the current situation in Iran. It's particularly entertaining on the ingenuity of the young in sneaking around the proscribed 'laws' - but the lack of order and concomitant corruption leads me to fear that pretty soon the shit really is going to hit the fan over there. And right now, I'm not sure we in the West will be able to do much about it when it happens.

Finally (and as I add this it's the morning of another September 11) I punched Selling Beer ... back in - and found this piece on the beer trade in the Pakistan Daily Times.


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