Sunday, September 5

Drinking for England

These stories of our legendary excesses with the bottle keep on coming. Just this weekend saw this long shake of the head piece appear over here; then in the New York Times there's a returning ex-pat who's bemoaning the changing nature of England.

(And I seem to have overlooked this latest attempt at stretching himself out from Brian Wilson Jr, who is fast becoming my new bete noire. Holy Stag trips ... the tales I could tell - but you all know the rule: WHAT GOES ON TOUR STAYS ON TOUR!)

True as these are, to a point, and accurate as to the extent of the excess - hey, see it? I live it! albeit without any visits to casualty, so far - I prefer to call this binge ritual of mine 'a cleansing of the brain': every so often - okay, pretty often - I feel it's necessary to derange my head; turn the old sack upside down and inside out, empty the detritus and, if I'm lucky, in the admittedly painful aftershock we know as the standard issue hangover, I may even dream up something.

Yeah, I suppose I'm really using the old 'doors of perception' argument. And that does contain yarbles. But it's not all yarbles, is it? Strawberry Fields Forever ...

However, I am starting to register the sad, sad fact that as you get older, so the necessary recovery time grows. Each hour of debauch one day seems to lay claim to three hours of the next as penance. But that's good, in a way. What's really not good is when your body stops sending these distress signals. That's when you're fucked, my friends.

There is one thing to bear in mind with this moral clamour from the media. On the basis that a hack is a hack is a hack, here, there and everywhere, I feel it would be remiss not to point out the revered reputation of old Fleet Street when it comes to drinking excess; and still today, it is no coincidence that on the Highway approach to Tower Bridge there's an Oddbins wine warehouse directly opposite the fortress that houses the state within a state known as News International.

Similarly, I know people working for national newspapers who rack 'em out each and every weekend, and give the pile of wank sign at the mention of their own paper's lurid tales of 'Britain's drugs menace'.

For the record, my head is fine today, and enjoyed its Lindemans Bin 77 refuelling, but there was a very randy bull in its paddock all of yesterday.


posted by DD @ 19:18 


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