Sunday, September 5


The link is to a bunch of bums - worse, literary bums! - railing against Bush, and, it must be said, only half-heartedly getting behind Kerry. Who can blame them?

Still, the likes of Carl Hiassen and Jonathan Safran Foer are sane, and predisposed, given their vocation, not to utter pure yarbles. Unlike Mr Tim Robbins aka Tim Nice But Dim. Here you can have a laugh at his mind in meltdown, as he is shown to be incapable of dealing with facts jacked when it comes to what war can do for people.

And when he gets home ... Forgive me for pilfering - I mean paying tribute - to I Am Not An Animal yet again, but as the Wynona character (would be starlet) remarks in that show: "Susan Sarandon. His very old, fly-eyed wife, with leather-effect skin."

Hey, I'm not being snarky. I say this: I thought Robbins was very good as a bozo cop in Short Cuts. And need I add that with that role, obviously, he was playing against his character in real life.

Desperadoes. When I read about Linda Ronstadt being booted out of Vegas for dedicating Desperado to Michael Moore, my instant thought was: what about the opening line? Is it not "Desperado, why don't you come to your senses ... " - or am I totally, totally wrong? (Here I cheerfully confess that I am not an Eagles fan - or a fan of "the fucking Eagles" as Sir Mick of Jagger called them back in the wing-trousered seventies.)

If I'm right, my point is that the song plays different ways; you could use it to deride the views of Moore or Bush. And Linda? I think she peaked very early - with the Stone Poneys. Last time I saw her visage (in Mojo) she appeared awfully fond of a buffet.


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