Wednesday, September 29

The Cool List 2004

Blah blah.

I always bear in mind the catty words of Debbie Harry: "Of course cool rhymes with fool."

As for the list - well, apart from the great Pedro Almodovar, and Johnny Depp - who's not on the lists linked to but came top as coolest person on our planet - they're all a bunch of talentless cunts. Roll up the usual rabble: childish artists for childish minds. The Streets? The Streets? Fuck off. The Libertines are a cool band - in fact just about the ONLY cool band in Britain, in what is a moribund music scene full of feckless drecks.*

Okay then, this is pretty much it for Britain right now: Jude Law is cool. Damon Albarn is cool. Jarvis Cocker is cool - but in exile. Lucien Freud is so cool - for a half-kraut. Noel Gallagher is cool. Gervais and Merchant are cool. East London is cool. The new Mini is cool. Miranda Sawyer is cool. Peep Show is cool. Unadorned Vespas are cool.

I am a fucking wreck - but this site is cool.

You are here, so you must be cool too, else you're here on holiday by mistake.

And there's my select band of local friends over in BOAT DRINKS. Other than that, you need to walk across some water to find fellow spirits.

Don't forget now: cool rhymes with fool.

* And in case anyone assumes I'm some fan of the Horse and the pipe and that that lies behind my love for the Libertines - well that is so not so. Actually, great though Barat & Doherty are as songwriters (clearly the best individual duo - if you see what I mean - since Strummer & Jones) my secret affection is for their fabulous drummer, Gary Powell. Much, much better than the average clown in your bog-average indie band. Point of fact, I think he's the coolest one we've had since Reni of the Roses. And where are you, Reni?!?


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