Monday, September 27

Chronicles of Bob Dylan

I've just read this extract from the soon-to-be published first volume of Bob Dylan's autobiography - and it looks like it's going to be worth going through after all.

There's a so-so interview you can link to as well, where he contrasts the methodology of writing his memoirs as to how he writes songs; but to me the extract has the same modus operandi: a surprisingly liberal and obviously deliberate use of cliche, which sets up the swift flash of an original phrase, an anastrophe, or a fresh twist on a familiar phrase - delivered in that imitable whiney voice.

For there looks like being plenty of whining going on throughout the Chronicles, though again few have pointed the finger quite so often as Dylan over the past forty-five years. But there should be plenty of humour too, using the same track record - and it's good to note that it looks like all his -ing suffixes are rolling to their proper end.

I really hope this three-volume autobiography does do just about all it could do, as it would then put to bed the sheer wankery of Christopher Ricks and all those other waxy Dylanologists. They (though it's true of all - and I mean all - pop music biographers) embrace the curse of being unable to resist inserting song titles or lyrics to decorate the climactic point of every other paragraph they write. I may be alone and baffling everybody with this comparison, but these biographers remind me of newly-appointed junior prefects at school. There's something false, trite and pointless about their positions, and what they're (on) about. In essence, they are predisposed to be annoying.

PS: Due to my chubby-fingered typing skills (hey, you know what they say about a guy with fat fingers ... ), I chanced upon another potential blog title, following up the Gobbets of Blake line I liberated a while ago. This time its for a piss-head with big ideas: Moethodology. I thank you, I thank you. Aw, come on, its no worse than Bob's stage(y) jokes . . .


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