Saturday, September 25

Catfight #2

Back on the beat and back at the Bristol Lisper. Here she does her usual scratching - an early assault on feeble men which then flips into an assault on feeble women.

And, as such, I kind of go along, with my usual mental ticking of the boxes, which goes something like: No, no, no, definitely no; no, no; then yes, yes, oh yes, yes, no, too far, no, yes, no.

But I always bear in mind that she hates Tony Parsons to a degree that only women are capable of - and on that specific capability I think that, just this once, we'd be in agreement.

And on catfights, I caught the segment of Jonathan Ross' chat show last night where the Wobble was very bitchy about those What Not to Wear women: sue me if I misquote you, you closet cunt, but it included the phrases "the one with the good tits" and "but only with a bag over her head".

It must be said that I bow down to nobody - nobody, not even a Gallagher - in my hatred of the Wobble, but is there anybody out there who doesn't think that his latest effort "Radio" stinks the place out? It sounds like he's been listening to Franz Ferdinand's demo tapes. It sounds absolutely fucking awful. And - the good, good news - it looked like he was back on the drugs. Do one! Do one!

My hatred of the git? Well, I have been known to use Bono's epithet for Bob Dylan: that he's the Picasso of Rock & Roll. Wobble's fans have been known to throw hissy fits - and even walk out of bars - as I've deadpanned that in relation to the Gallaghers the Wobble is Rolf Harris. As those that can't handle it walk away, the words from the source always float up: "You shouldn't take it so personal."

Anyway, it's not my fault they're ignorant little shits, is it? Life is short, my friends, and I'm a big enough dolt to myself half the time. Oh, and someone please tell the Wobble that he's not rich - at least not in the way he thinks he is: he is, indisputably, loaded. The opposite of rich is not broke is it? And the reason why he's on the drugs, and in and out of the depression clinics, is that when it comes to artistry, he's poor. Piss-poor. And he knows it.


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