Wednesday, September 29

Bono Wears Lifts

Bono in Brighton: I predicted a dollop of bullshit - and I wasn't disappointed, was I?

Oh lay off, some whimper, he's trying to save the world from itself. Yeah, he's well meaning but as Jeffrey Bernard once said, "Hitler meant well."

And have a look. Have a close look at those side-on shots of the bog-brain potato head: he's wearing lifts! Yes he is, yes he is.

No, I'm not anti-Irish, though I do give them a good pasting from time to time. How can I be prejudiced against the Irish when they spawned the great Peter O'Toole - who famously was Jeffrey Bernard in Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell. And then of course there was Richard Harris.

But I hold with what I once opined a little too loudly one night, causing a dull-witted - and presumably Irish couple - to leave a Vietnamese restaurant in Greenwich without eating: how James Joyce was right, and that any Irishman with any sense and talent gets the fuck out as soon as he can.

Yes, I am a bastard at times - a loudmouth, uncouth bastard; or as my brother sometimes puts it, pleadingly: "I trust you're leaving Liam in his box tonight."

There you go: the Gallaghers!

Plus, I cheer on the Boston Red Sox; admittedly, that's mainly because their fans share my hatred for the New York Yankees. But I've learned some baseball history and there's the romantic - yes, even distinctly Irish - appeal of the Curse of the Bambino. And once more, the post-season is upon us, and a Red Sox vs Yankees showdown beckons. Not that I'm superstitious (if I see a ladder, I gambol under it) but I'll be developing my Johnny Damon look as the Sox blast their way through the play-offs.

And I'll leave with one great quip of Johnny's, remarking on his recent 'bulking up' - and alluding to the ongoing BALCO steroid scandal: "I'm gaining weight the right way - I'm drinking beer."


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