Thursday, August 12

Slick Rick ... and Some Pure Yarbles

Slate does lots of things well, generally pissing all over the asinine and frankly often arse-licking New York Times when it comes to coverage of the US scene and beyond, (and Slate has the Hitch, and Sasha Frere Jones, and the High Sign honey and others ...) and this piece on the late Rick James is the best obit for the guy that I've read.

Actually, just about the whole damn lot of American newspapers seem babyish to my eyes. What do I mean? Babyish like the celebrity interviews/ features in the NY Times Magazine, for example. I remember wading through a particularly oily feature on Sofia Coppola around the release of Lost In Translation. Like Wacko Jacko interviewing Liz Taylor.

(BTW, I may as well slip in the anecdote about seeing the Bad tour in London in the late 1980s and hearing Wacko call for a minute's silence for his "very ill, dearest friend" - Liz T. And yep, all the mug punters shtummed. I was glared at for laughing - hand over mouth.)

Back to the US press: are they any good ones out there? I mean as good as the London Guardian in terms of scope and attitude - and I can usually ride out whatever political bias they use as default ... as they all do, though I gave up on the Independent last year. Robert Fisk and his complete yarbles re: the war. I'm guessing they gave ***** to the vomitific Fahrenheit 9/11. Oh - and you have to pay to access anything that holds any promise (just like the LA Times).


ADDENDUM: today (Monday, August 16) I found this New York Post piece via Gawker. I tell ya: over at the NY Times they're a bunch of babies.

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