Saturday, August 7

Here Comes the New Bible (Again)

As a writer the second thing everybody asks me is "What's it like lazing about on your arse all day then?" - and they sometimes have a point, though my usual rejoinder is along the lines of "I'm always working - indeed, I'm working you out right now; I kinda see you as an Oscar Grouch character..."

Still, I'm all for this approach to life; those of us who follow it, I feel, are both form the past and from the future - our individual curse is, as Brian Wilson and Tony Asher put it, I Just Wasn't Made for These Times. (Yeah, go on: stick the album on one more time...)

My other response to the charge of idleness is to reflect that I can see the wonderful (no, no irony, I adore the building) Millenium Dome, which, as an empty vessel, was racking up a maintenance bill of several thousands pounds a week. (Creepy old Mandy Mandleson and the various Dome project planners never did respond to my suggestion that they get Damien Hirst to 'design' its shell, thereby doubling its value. And then, to wind up the world, leave the fucker empty. Genius, huh?)

As it stands now, the daily contemplation of my navel costs considerably less than that, though someday ...

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