Friday, August 13

England Is a Nation of Character Actors

In order to pacify some sick inner demon that toys with me, I insist on dragging myself - or wilfully being dragged - to the theatre at least once a year. And I do mean dragged - drugged and dragged - and I do mean once a year.

The theatre experience should be my thing, but it generally is not: no air con in the theatres; wine with bits of cork in and beer that is nowhere near cold enough in the interval; and too much bullshit chatter. All that, and the fear of bumping into, say, Harold Pinter and really having to land one on. I don't think I could turn down the opportunity.

Still I go, and as I put it it's this silly little thing about hearing so many people say they love London beacause of the theatre... When its existence has very little to do with my adoration of the city. An adoration which I'll probably try to nail, then nail again, and again, late one night, but not now. A starter: my belief is that this golden state is LA and NYC combined. A Unique City!

To the theatre. The ones I've loved over recent years include Dealer's Choice and Closer, both by Patrick Marber (indeed I actually saw Closer twice). And, of course, I loved Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell.

I also went to see Art. Having listened to it on the radio one Sunday and not even registered a single inner smile, I expected to hate it. During this West End run it was performed by a revolving cast of lower-list 'celebs' (yankees - that means British people you've never heard of) and the production I saw featured The League of Gentlemen - and it was fabulous. They were fabulous. Fabulously funny.

(Thinking back, I can only claim that I must have been semi-comatose lying on my bed as the radio production droned by. That, and the fact I can be incredibly cloth-eared and stupid.)

This year's love is The History Boys by Alan Bennett - and this piece in the excellent New York Observer is as good a review of it as any I remember reading; if I remember rightly, the play received pretty much unanimous praise from the press.

The point about England being a nation of character actors is spot on; the unsaid corollary is that the USA deals in stars. But it explains why I prefer Gene Hackman to the likes of Tom Cruise, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman to Johnny Depp. The latter a tougher call, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Here, apart from the odd Butlins entertainer, we're all J Alfred Prufrock in temperament, despite the tacky and sordid americanisation of our public manners that filters through Reality TV. Think hugs. Hugging. Stop it now! Hands off me.

Not that I know jack about acting. Just that Nicolas Cage cannot act. (Come on: that anti-talent is in the Coppola family gene.)

So even if you think that the theatre is the least theatrical entertainment around (as I do) go see The History Boys.

Yeah, I have noted it too: an unusual number of 'loved' , 'adored' and 'fabulous' or their brethren in this missive. I could say it's a deliberate stylistic wind-up, but I think the real truth is that I protest too much. I'm a closet luvvie (which will not come as any kind of shock to some of my friends, but will come as an opportunity to the whole damn lot of them).

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