Sunday, June 27


Went to the gig last night - 8/10. Kicked off with a great new song, titled Don't Knock Daddy's Voice - or something like that. Two points off for one too many drifting, lilting songs with Didoesque Radio-2-friendly backing tracks. Come on geezer, what's this: Trip-Hop lite, in 2004!?!

A good cheap slug-shot at Will Young, our beloved isle's current "entertainer of the year", and the man was on good form throughout - which was good to see after his pony performance on the Jonathan Ross Show last week.

We were sat - meaning stood - next to a girl who was a Marc Almond fanatic. Yes, an ever dininishing breed. Hey, I was a good boy: we chatted for around fifteen minutes before His entrance and I never once mentioned Kit-Kats. (I trust I don't need to fill people in on just what Marc Alkmond got up to with a bar or three of those - use your gullivers my droogies!)

Sat behind us was a very haughty - we're talking Nico haughty - Karen O wannabe. And Karen O is so obviously a Nico wannabe. (Go on, baby, start hanging out with Courtney!) Anyway, Miss Haughty had the exact same hair vamp as on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's record cover! And I'm pretty sure she was an american, but it definitely wasn't the real deal.

On Thursday I had a quick look at the website to check out which songs had been dredged up from the back catalogue, and which were being left in slumber. My, how those Morrissey fans are high-strung. Things like "why wasn't there a round of applause for X?" - a guitarist who was mildly ill and couldn't play this series of concerts.

Stocking up on over-priced bottles pre-show at the bar, I mentioned this to a couple of American girls who looked at me as if to say, "like, you just don't get it, do you?"

Well, yeah, I do - and I did, when I was a young, young boy and saw the Smiths three times. (And I'm here to tell you that they were lousy twice, but the one time they were on they were absolutely fantastic.) Fact is, I grew away from it. Thinking back, you could say I was a classic case: one of those whose vegetarianism began in 1983 and boned out early 1988. Go figure, huh? How very, very shallow.

Now: the word heroes means nothing to me; though I do have people I salute - looka yonder to BOAT DRINKS.

Oh - and as we left Gene were playing in the foyer - exactly where they belonged all along. Damn, it's so true. ALL Morrissey fans are superbitches!

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